I’m an old-school gamer. Never really stopped loving a good old dungeon crawl. Even playing modern games, I tend to revert to a player-oriented, not character-oriented, style. I think it’s more interesting to play a game with other people’s imaginations than their characters’ ability scores. Think first, roll second.

I recommend the Quick Primer for Old School Gaming if you want some lucid writing on the subject.

A friend of mine recently fired up an AD&D campaign of a bunch of the 1st edition classics. We’re trying it by-the-book, and of course that comes with some – OK, a lot of – complexity. While not insurmountable, I found that OSRIC, though called a “clone”, is really more of a meticulous clean-up of AD&D. Some of the edge-case rules that didn’t matter much were removed. A few of the rules that brought action-halting complexity were also removed. A little bit of “Unearthed Arcana” was included, but mostly not, so it really only encompasses the core 3 rulebooks. Everything was brought together with an eye toward organization and design, while leaving the full integrity of the fundamentals. I think it’s beautiful and that EGG would be proud.

If you love 1st edition AD&D, OSRIC may make you very happy. Also, it’s free. Download the latest version 2.2


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